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6th May 2022

I Pâté the Fool Teaser!

From Wordmongling author Wildbow comes the latest smash hit sure to get readers frothing at the mouth – Pâté! Visceral but beautiful, this latest story has both bibliophiles and gastrophiles screaming “FIVE STARS!”

You can read the story here

And, in celebration of this new release, Jenny, Malia, Reuben and Elliot have teamed up to do an episode talking about Pâté (the story), pâté (the food), and also some other gross foods. What you’re seeing here is just a teaser though – the full episode is available for Patrons! Join up here!

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Pale in Comparison
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A podcast where one sister uses her knowledge of the Otherverse to decipher Wildbow's Pact and the other sister tries not to spoil anything.