Episode 41

Published on:

17th May 2022

Cold Saline Straight to My Veins #BananaBag (Signature 8.3, 8.4, & 8.5)

Jenny (she/her) and Malia (she/they) discuss Signature 8.3, 8.4, & 8.5. Checkers goes on a stressful tour through Jacob’s Bell, gathering some weapons and avoiding some traps. Malia is sick and really wants a saline infusion. Jenny has to relive last episode’s hot take.

This week’s Discussion Question: If you were handed a letter and you had to keep reading it and get to a shelter, how fast could you go and would you survive? 

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This episode was released when Pale was up to (approximately) 18.10.

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Pale in Comparison
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