Episode 68

Published on:

22nd Feb 2023

Better to Be a Human than a Sailboat (Sine Die 14.3 & 14.4)

After a few weeks of bereavement leave, Jenny (she/her) and Malia (she/they) discuss Sine Die 14.3 & 14.4. Blake does two things Malia really should have predicted: light on fire and grow wings (who’s the fire sparrow now, Evan?) 

This week’s Discussion Question: Design a dragon in the Otherverse. What is its origin and what is its element?

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This episode was released when Pale was up to (approximately) 23.6.

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Pale in Comparison
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A podcast where one sister uses her knowledge of the Otherverse to decipher Wildbow's Pact and the other sister tries not to spoil anything.